Value Orientation Week 2019

Value Orientation Week 2019

Development in any nation has not only brought changes in overall scenario of a country but also changes the way people think, act and react. Today’s youth are most vulnerable since they are not able to cope with the fast development that is taking place around them. In the processes of adjusting with the changes, most of them loose the essence of life. Most of them lack the sense of responsibility, affection, respect, belongingness and many more. School is a place where children are groomed and is a place where students spend majority of their time Thus, it has become evident for teachers to let student inculcate values in them. Without values students have no sense of purpose and clarity. Education with values will enable students to grabble with the moral life and encourages healthy brain development and growth.
The objectives of observing the week are as follows:
1. Inculcate moral Values
2. Learn survival skills
3. Healthy brain development for learning
4. Feel Proud to be Bhutanese
5. Value every single existence
The Value Orientation Week was observed from 25th Feb to 01st March. Under the supervision of Cluster lead teacher, the school PD coordinator planned and organized the programme. Three major topics; Mindfulness, Driglam Namzha and Waste management were identified as the most important and pertinent issue.

On 25th February, the PD coordinator informed the students about the week long programme on value education and oriented on the importance of the programme.

Teachers visited classes according to time table to orient students on identified topics from 25th February to 28th February. Techers were grouped according to the topics.

Some teachers explained theoretically while others used various materials to orient and some even showed the students practically. The impact of the programme could be seen very well through student’s behavior and the school surrounding.

1st March – The Closing Session. The main event of the day was on ‘Community awareness campaign on waste management.” For this programme students were divided into different groups according to their standard. The teachers were also grouped according to student’s strength. Six different areas were identified for the campaign.

The group also prepared banners. The waste collected were brought to the school and were segregated into plastics, papers and bottles and were stacked in school waste collecting rack.

Refreshments were served to both teachers and students after the cleaning campaign. The school also managed lunch for all the staff and students. After lunch students and teacher gathered for vote of thanks. The programme ended with a movie show to the students. It was refreshing for the students and teachers to watch movie after a daylong cleaning. The programme was a great success. Even if the programme is not able to inculcate all the values in all students yet we aspire to bring a change little by little.

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