School Policy

A school is a place where the greatest transaction takes place- Teaching-Learning. It is the haven where future citizens are molded and the mind is filled with life-leading knowledge. Therefore, the school should be a place which guides students to the right track. Thus, this document is given its life to guide the organization to run efficiently. It will act as a reference to steer the school towards fulfilling its vision and mission. The policy document will create awareness among the staff about their roles and responsibilities, so that the school can develop a healthy culture of functioning smoothly, as an exemplary institute of its kind. Through the document, each and every staff and student will be well informed about what they are expected to do, which would help the school to fulfill its aims and objectives, thereby gratifying the dreams of the Ministry and Education too. Moreover, the document will help the school in providing Quality Education to our students, through planned and collaborative approaches.

All policies underlined herein are very much in line with the educational norms and standards. Educating for GNH concept is also included alongside. The policy document has been endorsed on 22nd November, 2012, reviewed once in 2017 and then again in the year 2019 by the staff of the school.

We hope and pray in fulfilling every aspect of the school and the nation’s dream.