National Assembly Speaker Visits School

National Assembly Speaker Visits School

Coinciding with the visit to Gewog center, honorable Speaker was kind enough to visit our school and shared invaluable experiences and happenings in the Bhutan and particularly in the parliament. On arrival, the speaker was received by our Principal, Vice principals, CLT and senior teachers. Addressing the welcome note, the vice principal shared the statistics of students and how the students have fared in mid-term exam particularly focusing on how we as teachers are motivated after the consideration from the government to increase the pay of the teachers. He assured that we are working very hard to enhance and improve the performance in the school and society as a whole.

Addressing the gathering, Hon’ble speaker emphasized how one should try to find happiness inside yourself instead of trying to depend on others. He said that the government has invested considerable amount time on how to improve the quality of education in Bhutan. And that the only thing that motivates the teachers to work hard is the pay rise. He said that the increment would act as a motivation and help them to perform better. The vice Principals report on how we are taking extra measures after the pay rise was greatly acknowledged.

“Why did you come to the school?” “How can you be different from the ones that are not studying?” He asked the students. The speaker quoted saying that the students must exhibit positive improvement and showcase difference between the students and others.
Moreover, he asked the students how they live like a family once they are in the school. In renponse, one of the students said that one should follow the philosophy of ley-dju-drey and tha-dam-tsig to live in harmony with every student. Furthermore, other students said, one should respect your elders, younger, colleagues and help each other to live in harmony with every one.
Narrating the story of stone soup, he said how you make the stone soup tasty depends on how you think about it. Once a man was very hungry while travelling and met a woman, who didn’t give him a food when asked. Since she declined his request, he simply asked her for an empty pot and a match stick. He put water and pebbles inside the pot and started boiling. Few hours later, he asked her to come and taste his soup to which she commented that soup wasn’t tasty. He asked her what ingredients would make his soup tasty and asked her to provide him, to which she agreed. The hon’ble speaker concluded that everything is possible only if you think inciting that one can even make the stone soup tasty only if you think.

He also addressed how the existing laws on LGBT is under reformation and the marriage between a couple may be considered even if they are either 16, 17 or 18 years old. However, raising the concerns over the acceptance of marriage underaged, one students said that it could have severe consequences towards the life as they are not matured enough to take the right decisions and it may also encourage them to indulge them in sexual activities at very young age.
Furthermore, lop Tashi raised the issue in the school and probability of upgrading the school to class 11 in the following year to which the Hon’ble speaker consents. Closing the gathering, Mr. Pema Gyalpo extended the appreciation and wished for the good fortune of VIP and the entourage.

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