Reopening Date of the School

According to the notification on reopening of the school for the Classes X & XII from the office of the Honourable Prime Minister w.e.f. 1st July 2020, the school administration would like to request the parents and students of Samtengang Central School to take note of the following instructions while coming to the school.

  1. All the students are required to report in front of the school gate within 9:00 am to 2:00 pm without fail on 29th June 2020.
  2. Those students who need to undergo medical checkups such as dental, eye etc. must be done before you report to school. The school administration will not entertain any leave once you join the school except on genuine reason upon producing relevant documents.
  3. If you suffer from flu like symptoms, visit the nearby flu clinic to ascertain the status of your health before reporting to the school. You must not forget to produce your medical documents for such cases during the time of reporting to the school.
  4. Those students who are under medication of any sort must bring your required medicine and other necessary items. The school will not entertain leave to collect the medicines later on.
  5. No students will be allowed to carry junk foods into the school campus. If found will be seized and return to the concern parent or guardian if available at the time of seizure.
  6. All the students must bring enough face mask (Washable), hand sanitizers, tissue papers, toiletries; sanitary pads, water bottles, plate and mugs etc. for your safety. Face mask is compulsory for the students during their entire stay till the pandemic is controlled.
  7. The students must bring sufficient materials or items required in the school. No outing shall be entertained nor will any students be sent out for shopping or any sorts.
  8. All the students must come in proper Bhutanese Attire. (National Dress). You must also adhere to the appropriate hair length as required by the school norms.
  9. All the students must be accompanied by the immediate parents or guardians during the time of reporting to the school without any exceptions. However they won’t be allowed to enter the school campus.
  10. Students must refrain from bringing any types of electronic gadgets, mobile phones, harmful substances and weapons (knife/daggers etc. If found serious action will be imposed.
  11. The Day scholar students of Class X will report at 8:00 am at the main school gate with their parents for the consensus on 1st July 2020. They will be screened for flu clinic before entering into the school.
  12. No outsiders are allowed to enter into the school campus such as visiting the RNR/FCB and playing games.

This is notification for strict compliance.

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