Our School

Our School

Background of the school

Samtengang Central (HS) School is located in Nyisho Gewog under Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag, Bhutan. The school has a total area of approximately 22.58 acres. It is approximately 20 kilometers away from Bajo town. Samtengang Higher Secondary School can be reached by black topped road from Chuzomsa or by foot from Teki Zampa. Recently a farm road is also connected to the place. Sitting at a top of mountain plateau, Samtengang has an encompassing view of Bajo town, Dzong, Bjena, Phangyul and Kazhi villages. The campus includes a beautiful lake that is Niche to various species of fish as well as avian wildlife. The school was initially established in 1962 as a Hindi medium community school and it consisted of only few temporary huts. The first Headmaster, appointed by the Department of Education, was Mr. M.M. Joseph who managed the school along with two Dzongkha Teachers.

Upgradation to LSS and MSS

In March 1998, the school was upgraded to a Lower Secondary with the construction of boarding facilities. Classes ranged from PP (pre-primary) to VIII. In the same year, a new 12 units building was constructed near the lake, and is now referred to as the ‘Old Block.’ The school upgraded again, to a Middle Secondary School in 2008, in the same year as Bhutan’s adoption of a democratic parliamentary system Classes PP to 6 Primary School and the classes VII – X were subsequently added to the school. For the tourists, they can visit our school by contacting local tour agents in Bhutan.

Feeder School and central school status

Samtengang Central (HSS) School has students from Nobding, Kazhi, Phangyul, Gangtey and Nyisho Gewog which are our school catchment areas. The School plays host to classes VII, VIII, IX and X. Almost 95% of the upper primary students are enrolled as boarder, while most of the primary children of the Primary School (lower campus) are day scholars because they are within the catchment areas of the school peripheral which is less than 5 km distance to walk to the school and they are also provided a mid-day meal by the RGoB. In the year 2015, the Samtengang Middle Secondary school has been selected to be one of the Central School in the Dzongkhag, since the school is ideally located not only with the environment buts also with proximity of catchment areas and feeder schools. As per the policy of central school the students were provided with free amenities such as beddings, plates, mugs, spoons, school uniforms and sports wares till the academic year 2019. The most of the students admitted are disadvantaged family background all across the country so that they can study comfortably.

Activities in the school

As a part of wholesome development, students participate in various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton. In addition, Samtengang has a thriving club atmosphere that includes UNESCO, Democracy, Songs and Dance, Games and Sports, Mathematics and Science, Guitar, Health, Nature, SAP, Library, Knitting, Student Leadership, Y-VIA, Home Science, Shoe revival and Maintenance, DAISAN, Media Literacy, Literary, Music, PISA D, Mindfulness clubs, and Coding club from 2020. The school engage students in literary and cultural activities through class and house competitions. Educational movies are also screened on weekends to provide diverse entertainment.


We are fortunate to have a library, Science laboratory and computer laboratory for students to fully engage in their studies and explore the new horizons of knowledge practically. Students engage in active learning from 6:00 am in the morning and end their day at 9:00 pm in the evening with various recreational hours incorporated within the teaching learning cycle. They also learn through different mediums such as, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), and field trips. The Chiphen Rigphel Project is also an added advantage in learning through ICT. Every aspect of the school is in line with the GNH values which include Green Schooling as a priority. The infusion of GNH into the school curriculum is greatly practiced in this school with regular silent sittings, school greening projects, adoption of the nearby lake and other related activities. Besides, the school has further intensified access to the library and e-library since the celebration of the National Reading Year coinciding with the 60th Birth Anniversary of 4th DrukGyalpo in the year 2015, to enhance the reading culture in the school.

Higher Secondary School and the current scenario

With the change of new government, the school is upgraded to the Higher Secondary School and accordingly the concept of central school is refined and the provision of uniform only will be provided to the needy students from PP – XII. The bedding items such as mattress, pillow and bed cover only to the boarding students from the academic year 2020. Then the school of the two campuses will function independently as Primary School and the Secondary School with separate administration, however the boarding will cater to the disabilities of primary and secondary sections and the classes from VII – XII. With the start of the academic session 2020, the school will open Class XI offering the streams; Arts and Commerce, and science from the next year. In addition to this, the services to the SEN children will be rendered inclusively till the completion of their schooling collaboratively by the Primary & Secondary schools since 2019.

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